Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvest Monday 9/26/11

Well harvesting has slowed to nothing at this time but the gardens are still growing.  This week was spent taking care of the tomatoes I harvested a week ago due to the threat of frost.

 This tomato was a great surprise.  It is a Delicious which just happens to be an heirloom.  I had a freeze up in my greenhouse last spring and lost most of my tomato seedlings so had to go quickly and buy some seed locally.  Just looked at the days to maturity and planted.  To my delight I found out it is an heirloom so when I went to save the seed I was amazed at how solid the meat was and it produced quite well.  It will definitely be planted next year.

 Canned tomatoes and salsa
Spaghetti Sauce
We will be eating well this winter thanks to the garden.
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  1. That looks like it was indeed a nice tomato. Good job on your preserving efforts!

  2. Your tomato looks delicious. All that canning, how many hours????? I got away from canning and freeze instead.

  3. That tomato does indeed look delicious!

    It looks like you have been a busy canning bee! It looks like the canning won't end for awhile here!

  4. Kisap thanks. I enjoy canning.

    Norma I don't like frozen vegetables that well except for a few things so I can everything including stock when I make it, left over gravy. My canners are busy year around not just in the fall.

    Robin you are right, I still have a lot of canning to do.

  5. Love the canning pics. Wow you look like you know what you're doing! I'm anxious to do more (have only dabbled so far) but you inspire me to want to do lots. Of course, I need to get the gardens in the set up first. As you probably saw when you visited my blog, it's always something huh? LOL! Thanks for sharing and I'll look forward to following you as well!! Oh and did I say beautiful pics? Well they are!