Thursday, April 14, 2011

I think spring has sprung in the mountains

Trouble and I took our first walk about for the season this morning. I was able to get around the snow and get to the lower vegetable garden where I had done a winter sow of flowers. The snow has been off there for a couple of days and I have lupines sprouting. Nothing else yet but will be patient. We also went to the vegetable garden that is finally free of snow to check the perennials I had healed in pots and all last fall. The Mountain Laurel looks great. Also the heuchera I received from a friend in Nebraska was showing through the leaf mulch and the Iris from a friend in Montana were starting to grow. The portion of the onion that is free of snow shows the Egyptian onions are starting to grow. Spring has finally arrived on my little corner of the mountain.


  1. Yeah for Spring! The lupine seeds you gave me have sprouted in my perennial bed. No sign of the poppies though.

  2. Your luck is turning! It'll be in the 70's in no time!

  3. Kathy is was 76 here today. From one extreme to the other. We are having flooding all over the area and we have more rain coming tonight. This fair haired Irish gal is sunburned from being outside working for about 4 hours today.