Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seed Starting 101

Many are talking about starting seed to have plants ready for the garden come spring. I have a feeling plants at a nursery are going to be expensive this spring with all of the crazy weather we have been having and the cost of fuel skyrocketing. Why not do your own. It is easy, doesn't take a lot of room and can be done on a shoe string budget or you can go Cadillac style what ever suits your fancy. I guess you might say I am a little between the shoe string and the Cadillac.

There are some that are going to disagree with my methods but if it works for you please share it with others. One might say there is no right or wrong way but what I am going to explain is how we do it in the greenhouse business.

I guess first is what do you need for equipment and supplies. Since I am doing it the greenhouse method (and that doesn't mean you need a greenhouse) I do transplant my seedlings.

So lets get started. You will need a growing medium. Note I said medium not dirt. It should be a sterile mix of some sort. I use pro mix but that only comes in large quantities so will let others tell you what the like or you can mix your own with peat moss, perlite and vermiculite.

Then you need something to wet the medium up in so why not a dish pan from the $ store.

Once you have the medium moist then comes the container to put the medium and seed in. The one I use is specifically for that purpose but use your imagination on what you might be able to recycle for the purpose. Just be sure there are holes in the bottom so excess water can drain off.

How about now a drip tray of some sort so you don't have water running all over the place.

I am actually using this tray also to bottom water my seed and seedlings.

While seed are germinating you need to maintain moisture so it is easier if you can cover the container you have planted the seed in so I just use plastic wrap but you can also purchase domes that go with the large tray i have.

OK so far probably the only thing you would need to buy is the planting medium.

Lets see what others are recycling and using.

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