Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday's Harvest 12/15/12

Here we are at another Monday.  It seems that we bypassed frost and went straight to hard freeze Friday night when the temperatures dipped to 23 degrees.  Now the task of cleaning up the gardens starts and the preparation and planning for next spring.

The only thing I harvested this past week was about 2 1/2 pounds of green tomatoes before the freeze that I think will make it to the ripe stage.

Still have brussels sprouts to harvest at the plots in town if it ever quits raining.  Hopefully tomorrow and then I can get the beds their cleaned up and the garlic planted.

It is now time to sit down and analyze what produced well and what needs to be replaced next year.  I hope to be able to give some reports eventually on some of the specific varieties I planted this past spring.

Guess my Monday's Harvest won't be too interesting for a while.

Be sure to stop by our host,Daphne's Dandelions and see what others are harvesting or planning for next year.


  1. Sometime in January I move to what I'm cooking with my stored things since I'm not harvesting anymore. I always try to keep something growing, but once it freezes down hard for a while, it just isn't possible without some sun (my garden is in shade in the winter so even a greenhouse wouldn't do it).

  2. Too bad that winter is there for you now! As I mentioned on my blog I have one green tomato left from my last picking of the green ones as the plants died. Some of them ripened and some of them rotted. They were good while they lasted.

  3. Sounds like Your cold has strucked harder than ours did! Sure, my pathetic zucchiniplant died instantly, but I still hvae tomatoes outside that ripens (in a very sheltered location on the southfacing side of the house... Next Year I think I will grow more cale and brusselsprouts again, will try to make some higher raised beds, to minimize the damage by the slugs, but Yes, I also will start to think of what to grow next Year now... And plant my garlic, of course... Would love to have some produce all Year round, maybe a warm bench with old windows on top, I think I can get at least 2 locations in the garden that have a couple of hours sun all Year round, even if we don´t get that much of it here in the winter! Hope You will get a nice week ahead of You even if it´s a lot of cleaning up to do! :) Mia

  4. Oh yes, we got hit really really hard. I need to find time and get going with garden clean up, not a chore I enjoy. Was hoping to get some done today but rained all day and still raining.

  5. Your garden season is just entirely too short, but you certainly make hay while the sun does shine. I was totally impressed all summer with the crops you were harvessting. Brief but intense garden season it would seem.

  6. Daphne, the end of January I will be starting seed so actually don't have a lot of time without gardening of some kind plus hope to get the aero gardens going this week for fresh herbs for the winter.

    Marcia I still have almost a 16 quart basket of tomatoes sitting here in all stages of ripening. I have been very lucky this year of the 55 pounds of green ones I had I have only lost 6 or 8.

    Mia it would be impossible to grow here in the winter. I have lots of sun except in February usually but will temperatures in the -20's and -30's F. It would be impossible. When we owned commercial greenhouses we had one that was year round. It was build like a regular frame house insulated on all but the southern exposure which was glass and it cost a small fortune to heat it in the winter which here is October until May.

    Norma, we are to be back in the 20's again tonight. However, we lucked out and didn't get the rain that was predicted yesterday so got a lot done outside but still have a lot to go.

    Laura, we have two seasons here summer which is only a few days and winter which seems to be eternal. My garden does well for the time it has to grow however when I do the summary of my harvest you will see that production per plant is way less then what others would get.

  7. Hi, I think for a lot of us our Monday harvest will not be too interesting for awhile! I wish I would have brought in more green tomatoes before the frost hit! Next year! I like to read you organized peoples blogs. Gets me motivated! Nancy

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