Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Aero Garden

There was so many comments about the aero garden on Monday decided I would do a short post on it.
This is a 7 pod garden so can grow 7 plants in it.  I do not have the extension arm to grow which things as tomatoes and peppers but I think the light on this one goes up about a foot as the plants grow.
As you can see the basil needs to be picked or the light lifted.  Since I just picked the parsley I don't want to get the light any further away from it so will get the basil picked.

These are the sponges that the plants grow in.  I use my own seed and add 5 seed to a pod.  You do need to feed the plants and they sell premeasured nutrients how ever I am this time using just an all around water soluble fertilizer.

It is merely a glorified hydroponic set up.  I guess some would call it a toy but I sure get some good eats from it all winter long.


  1. I'm glad you explained it. I wasn't sure exactly what it was. Looks really neat.

  2. Wilderness, Thanks for the explanation. Since it is equipped with its own lighting system it can be placed anywhere. mmmmm wonder if I can start my seedlings with it?????

  3. Thanks Marcia. This is my 3rd crop with it. The first was a disaster. Last winter did OK but this year it seems to be doing great. I don't use the seed that comes in the kits anymore. My own seed work much better. I did plant 2 pods of lettuce this morning. That is a first for me.

    Norma, you can buy an insert and biodegradable sponges that will start 72 seed at one time. I am seriously thinking of getting it. Only problem is I would need to shut down my herb garden earlier than I really want to but time will tell.

  4. very neat. I have seen these at a few stores, but figured it wouldn't really work. I guess you proved me wrong :)

  5. Mrs. Pickles, I am very happy with mine. I did have to replace on light that burned out but that was after 2 seasons so guess that isn't bad.

    They had an add come through today and I broke down and ordered the plant starter kit for starting my plants for the garden. I am a sucker for sales sometimes. I will figure out how to make the inserts so I don't have to keep buying them I hope. Will know better once I receive it.

  6. How wonderful with new innovation, fresh herbs are available whenever you need it.

  7. Having fresh greens in the house during winter is good for the winter blahs - not to mention good eating!

  8. Malay it is also good for addiction of growing plants from seed.

    Laura, I am anxious to see how the lettuce fairs. If it works I will only plant 2 pods of basil next time. That stuff grows so fast I can't keep up with it. It is looking pretty shabby right now as I need to cut it.