Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/15/11

Things are starting to pick up in the garden finally.


total for the week
Broccoli 1 pound
zucchini 7 pounds
Beets 1 pound 5 oz
Peppers 6 1/2 oz
Potatoes 1pound 14 1/2 o
green beans 2pounds 4 oz
cucumbers 6 1/2 oz
Tomatoes 4pounds 4 oz
Also picked a meal of baby carrots from the window boxes.
Be sure to visit our host for Harvest Monday and see what everyone else is harvesting


  1. Very nice! I need to get my act together and get my beans canned!

  2. Your veggies look lovely! Your garden is producing some crops earlier than mine, even though you got a later start.

  3. Thank you Allison. I try to can or freeze the same day I pick. With the rain we are getting this week I am afraid some of my beans are going to be larger than I like.

    Granny, my tomatoes are coming from potted plants that I start on January 28th every year. The day the shuttle went down.

  4. Boy, it looks like you had a busy week! Your garden harvests are really starting to take off!

  5. Beautiful harvests this week and lunch looks downright delicious! Our tomatoes are starting to provide us with a steady stream but nothing of any real volume. Good for fresh eating needs mainly.

  6. Robin thanks. I wish things would start picking up however. My beets and carrots can wait until fall but would like to start canning tomatoes.

    KisapFG the only tomatoes I am getting are from my potted tomatoes. The ones in the garden are really just starting to set good. I usually end up picking most of them green and letting them ripen in the house.

    My biggest problem right now is the weekend of the 9th I have 18 gardeners coming here to stay from all over the country and Canada and my worst nightmare is the garden is going to be demanding that I can and freeze.

  7. amazing harvest - I have so little but happy to see other's treats! Your lunch looked really yummy :)