Thursday, July 7, 2011

Walkabout 7/7/11

It has been almost a week since I took the camera with Trouble and I on our morning walk about.  Here is a little of what is happening in my yard and greenhouse.
 Fine seed bed from deck above

 From ground level
 Onion patch
 Ivy Geraniums need to hung up again
 Geraniums overwintered in the house
 More plants overwintered in the house
 Sweet Potato Vine

Asiatic lily still in pots where I started them

It is quite obvious I have a lot to plant and 2 decks to get set up yet.  Need to get one more greenhouse down before I can do the big deck.

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  1. That lily is so pretty. I used to have some at my last house. Oh the plants I miss from there. But then some I had a real love hate relationship with.